Beyond the Labyrinth

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Konami
Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Views 62
Downloads 39
Released 19th Jan 2012 (JPN)
File size 546.38 M
4.3/5 (1 vote)
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The story begins when the player is playing an 8-bit game called “Beyond The Labyrinth”. Suddenly, the player is swept into the game world, where the player meets a young girl calling for help, telling her that she got lost in the maze after falling from above. Join the game, your task is to find a way out of this world with the girl. With beautiful 3D graphics, you will control your character from the first perspective, here you will explore the same to find more allies and fight monsters. You will have to protect the young girl, at first she can not fight but will help you in different situations such as starting the elevator or opening doors, later when you gather the power, she will be able to assist you in battles. When encountering enemies you will fight with the turn system, here you can use three types of magic similar to the rock-paper-scissors game, ice stronger than fire, fire stronger than wind and stronger wind ice. The enemies also have colours corresponding to their element, red is fire, blue is ice and green is wind.

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