Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Aksys Games
Genre Action , Adventure , Platformer , Puzzle
Region EU , US
Views 2,794
Downloads 2,749
Released 13th Sep 2011 (USA)
16th Mar 2012 (UK/EU)
File size 166.16 M
4.7/5 (1 vote)
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BIT. TRIP SAGA is a music video game developed by Gaijin Games. With simple gameplay and extremely attractive graphics, participating in the game you will control your character to overcome obstacles to try to reach the destination. The character will always run, your task is simply to jump and slide over obstacles when you encounter obstacles, you will have to start that level again. Touching the gold pieces you will receive a number of points when collecting enough amount of gold will bring special effects and increase the number of points. The music of the game is extremely eye-catching, each movement of the perfect character will match each music to bring extremely interesting feeling for each action. In addition, the game also offers a lot of other interesting game modes.

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