Bravely Second: End Layer

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 13,712
Downloads 13,221
Released April 23, 2015
File size 2.15 G
3.9/5 (21 votes)
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When Agnès Oblige successfully brokers peace between the Crystal Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia, you’d think it’d be time to break out the champagne and party poppers, right? Wrong! Just as ink was about to hit paper, Kaiser Oblivion roamed things up royally. Agnès gets kidnapped, her bodyguard, Yew Geneolgia, is beaten and bruised, and the peace treaty is left unsigned. Enter you, playing as Yew, who now has to go all Liam Neeson in “Taken” on these bad guys while navigating a gaming landscape filled with old-school RPG elements, turn-based battles, and “brave points” galore.


So, you’re Yew Geneolgia, a name I bet autocorrect just loves. You’re not just any random person; you’re the protector of Agnès. When the oh-so-dramatically-named Kaiser Oblivion whisks her away, you’re thrown into a rescue mission that would put Hollywood action films to shame. You’ll have to go up against this shadowy organization led by Kaiser Oblivion. Now, mind you, the Kaiser is not some guy who takes a villainy course on weekends. He’s a full-time career baddie. Your objective? Save Agnès and maybe, just maybe, stop a war.


Let’s talk about fights, shall we? But before we do, let’s not forget that we’re strictly in old-school RPG territory. So, don’t expect to roam around like a headless chicken during battles freely. No, it’s strictly turn-based, like a chess game on steroids here. The real kicker is the “Brave Points” system. You can “Default” during a turn, a fancy term for “playing it safe” and accumulating these Brave Points. Once you’re brave enough, you can release all these points to perform a flurry of actions in one turn. Imagine having the power to time travel but only in a fight. Pretty neat, huh?


Let’s talk about the battle series. This isn’t just one battle; it’s a series, like your favorite Netflix show, but with more sword fighting and fewer cliffhangers. The game lets you fight multiple battles back-to-back. Your reward for this bravery? A whole lorry-load of experience points and some precious loot. If you can’t get enough of the action and want to level up like you’re on a Red Bull high, the battle series feature is your cup of potion.


Let’s focus on the Brave Points or BP, not to be confused with British Petroleum or Blood Pressure. BP is the lifeblood of this game’s combat mechanics. It’s like the frequent flier miles of the game. The more you save, the further you can go in a single turn. This unique system adds a layer of strategy to each battle. You have to decide when to save these points and when to go full-on berserker mode. Save too much, and you could miss an opportunity. Use them all at once, and you might leave yourself open for a sucker punch.


While saving Agnès and defeating Kaiser Oblivion are the prime directives, let’s not forget the world itself. This is a classic RPG, after all. Expect to traverse different lands, interact with many characters, and delve deep into dungeons that make your basement look like a five-star hotel. The game invites you to explore, seek hidden treasures, and solve puzzles that create a Rubik’s Cube that feels like child’s play. And did I mention the loot? Yes, it’s a hoarder’s dream come true.


So, let’s wrap this up like a Christmas present, shall we? Whether it’s the intricate mission to save Agnès, the cerebral yet action-packed battle mechanics, or the Brave Points system that spices up your fights, this game has something for everyone. Combine that with an immersive world and the battle series feature for those adrenaline junkies, and you’ve got a game that is the epitome of “just one more turn” syndrome. So, if you love classic RPG elements sprinkled with modern innovation, this game should be on your radar.

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