Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Puzzle , Strategy
Region EU , US
Views 11,356
Downloads 7,850
Released 13th Jul 2018 (USA)
13th Jul 2018 (UK/EU)
3.7/5 (10 votes)
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The story begins, Captain Toad and Toadette search for the Power Star together on top of a tower. But when they found the star, a huge crow came to steal it and bring along Toadette. Join the game you will control Captain Toad, your task is to hunt the crow and rescue Toadette. Captain Toad is able to walk, run, but if carrying a backpack too heavy, he will not be able to jump. In your journey you have to skillfully overcome many complex terrains, now you need to rotate the camera at the necessary angles to be able to explore the environment, as well as to find areas containing many valuable items. Turnip trees act as a weapon when encountering enemies you can uproot the surrounding trees to throw at them. You can also interact with objects in the environment by touching the touch screen or even blowing into the microphone.

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