Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Atlus
Genre Other
Region EU , JP , US
Views 4,997
Downloads 1,847
Released 27th Jun 2013 (JPN)
1st Oct 2013 (USA)
2nd May 2014 (UK/EU)
4.5/5 (5 votes)
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A new expedition has begun and this time the story will revolve around a young dementia girl frozen a thousand years ago. Keeping the traditional gameplay, you will control your team to adventure through many locations to learn the mysterious girl’s past and fight countless enemies along the way. The battles in the game will take place in turn, you will have a variety of action options to attack enemies, in addition to this section brings the Grimoire Stone system, allowing players to perform skills not only of yourself but the skills of the enemy.

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