Girls’ Fashion Shoot

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Rising Star Games
Genre Other , Simulator
Region EU , US
Views 2,981
Downloads 1,526
Released 14th Nov 2013 (USA)
12th Dec 2013 (UK/EU)
File size 101.46 M
4/5 (3 votes)
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Becoming a professional fashion designer and working with beautiful stars is the experience that Girls’ Fashion Shoot will bring to you. Join the game you will control a beautiful girl, your task is to make her a star that dominates the fashion world. You can change the look of your character by changing the makeup style, there are many options including eyes, nose, lips, etc. Next is to choose the outfit for her among hundreds of clothes and different skirts, and finally, hair and manicure. When you’re done, you can take your character to photoshoots, where you can choose from many different poses to create the best shots. During the game you should also pay attention to the messages sent from the phone, it can be sent from friends or other working partners.

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