Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Natsume
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 5,392
Downloads 4,528
Released 10th Nov 2016 (USA)
3.7/5 (7 votes)
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In the rustic landscape of Skytree Village, where the soil was once abundant enough to be the talk of the town, you’ve got a problem that’s more pressing than forgetting to water your virtual cabbages. You see, the once-bustling community is facing an existential crisis. The divine power of the Harvest Goddess has waned, leading to infertile land and a mass exodus of villagers. Enter you, the player, armed with a plow and a prayer. In the Nintendo 3DS game “Harvest Moon: Skytree Village,” your mission is straightforward but monumental: revive the seven legendary Skytrees, restore the power of the Harvest Goddess, and win back the glory days of this quaint little village.


If you’re planning on spending hundreds of hours toiling the land, you might as well like who you’re looking at, right? One of the first things “Harvest Moon: Skytree Village” asks you to do is pick the gender of your avatar. It’s a simple but vital step to immerse yourself in the world you’re about to cultivate. Whether you opt for Adam or Eve, your gender choice will not alter the core gameplay but will provide different social dynamics as you forge relationships with the villagers.


So, what does a down-on-its-luck village offer you regarding real estate? A grid of blocks! That’s right, the terrain of Skytree Village is block-based, giving you the ultimate freedom to arrange, disarrange, and rearrange until your farmer’s heart is content. You’re not just a farmer; you’re a landscape architect, tailoring your fertile (or soon-to-be fertile, fingers crossed!) land to your whims. The block-based system allows you to sculpt your agricultural vision with Lego-like simplicity and effectiveness.


Once you’ve masterminded your land layout, it’s time to delve into the farming that makes this game so addictively charming. You have a plethora of crops to grow, from carrots that can see better than you after a night of binge-watching TV to potatoes that are more than just future fries. And let’s not forget the livestock! Cows, chickens, and more can find a home on your farm. Be prepared for some udder chaos as you juggle milking, egg-collecting, and occasional crop failure.


No man or woman is an island, not even a farming prodigy like you. The villagers in the game aren’t just there for window dressing; they’re potential life partners. If you play your cards right—i.e., bestow them with enough freshly harvested carrots or impeccable milk— you might get hitched. In a world where a divine goddess exists, there’s nothing unrealistic about the notion that love can blossom over shared agricultural interests, right? Socializing isn’t just an afterthought; it’s an integral part of the gameplay.


The centerpiece of your mission is to restore the seven Skytrees. These aren’t your average backyard oaks; these are sacred, divine entities that once gave the land its fertility. Reviving these behemoths isn’t just a side quest—it’s THE quest. Each restored Skytree revitalizes the land and rejuvenates the community spirit. Imagine it as a tree-hugging version of civic engineering, where every root you water seeps life back into your adopted village.

In a nutshell, “Harvest Moon: Skytree Village” for the Nintendo 3DS is an engaging blend of farming, social interaction, and spiritual renaissance. Whether you’re redesigning your farm block by block, nervously proposing marriage with a pixelated blue feather, or paying homage to a massive, holy tree, every in-game moment is geared toward rejuvenating a once-thriving village. Pack your plows and sense of humor; this is a farming expedition with divine stakes!

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