Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 40,585
Downloads 29,490
Released Jul 27, 2017
3.4/5 (77 votes)
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The story begins when the main character (created by the player) travels to the town of Greenhorn to find this place being attacked by the Dark Lord. He is robbing the faces of the people of the town to carry out his evil plot. The player is now given that magic by the soul and begins the journey to stop the plot of the Dark Lord. Join the game, the first thing you need to do is create yourself a character of interest, then select the character class, initially there will be six classes are warriors, mages, cleric, bandits, singers, and chefs but as the game progresses there will be more classes. During the game, you can also make friends and add new members to the group by finding their faces. You will then have to fight and develop relationships with the team members. When fighting you will be taken to a battle arena in turn, here will have many different action options. Relationships are also the highlight of the game, if you have a good relationship with other members then the battles will become easy, and conversely, if you and that person cannot be in harmony then the battle will become more difficult.

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