Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 43,298
Downloads 37,892
Released Jul 27, 2017
File size 722.46 M
3.7/5 (77 votes)
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Pack your bags and ready your avatar! In Miitopia, you—the player—take on the role of a custom-made hero who lands in the quaint town of Greenhorn, only to find it under siege by the infamous Dark Lord. This facial-feature-stealing villain has his wicked agenda, but luckily, you’re gifted with magical powers and propelled into an epic quest to thwart his plans. Create your character, choose a class, and gather a crew because it’s time to roll some digital dice in this RPG adventure!


Miitopia is a haven for anyone who has ever enjoyed the process of making characters, whether in Dungeons & Dragons or The Sims. Once you step into Greenhorn, the first thing the game asks you to do is create yourself! You’re not just limited to basic avatars; you can choose from an array of classes that initially include warriors, mages, clerics, bandits, singers, and chefs. And oh, boy, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As the game rolls on, even more classes become available. If you’ve ever wanted to become a Bandit-Chef (culinary heist, anyone?), here’s your chance!


Teamwork makes the dream work, but it also makes the game work. Miitopia is not just about leveling up your character; it’s about building relationships with other team members you’ll recruit along the way. Here’s the kicker: You find these new allies by saving their faces—literally. The Dark Lord has been stealing looks, and it’s up to you to reclaim them. The better your relationship with your team members, the smoother your battles will be. However, if your team’s harmony rivals that of a cat vs. cucumber scenario, prepare for some tough fights!


The battles in Miitopia are far from monotonous. Once in the fighting arena, the turn-based system presents various action choices. Depending on your class and the relationships you’ve built with your team, you can unleash multiple magical spells, physical attacks, and even some combo maneuvers. It’s not just hack-and-slash; it’s more like hack-and-sing-and-cook-and-cast-spells! Variety is the spice of (battle) life here.


While many RPGs focus on grinding and loot collection, Miitopia adds another layer with its emphasis on relationships. A harmonious group can pull off killer combo moves, heal each other, and make battles easier. But if your squad resembles a dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving dinner, watch out! Your spells might be missed, your attacks could backfire, and your team might collapse like a soufflé gone wrong. So, invest in those friendships; after all, the couple (or quartet) that slays together stays together.


Ah, the thrill of exploration! In Miitopia, your hero isn’t confined to the initial town of Greenhorn. A whole world map is out there, filled with new faces to save and challenges to conquer. With each successful mission, you unlock more areas to explore and—yes, you guessed it—even more classes and abilities. Imagine evolving from a simple Mage to a Wizard-Chef, able to defeat foes and whip up a mean Beef Bourguignon!

So whether you’re drawn to character creation, enchanted by team dynamics, thrilled by strategic battles, invested in digital friendships, or just itching to explore, Miitopia for the 3DS has something to tickle your gaming fancy. Now go forth, young adventurer, and may your face remain forever on your head!

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