My Farm 3D

My Farm 3D
Console Nintendo 3DS
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Uncle Bob left an inheritance of a small farm consisting of a single hen and one hundred pennies. Now it is up to the player to make use of this inheritance and expand the farm. Fortunately, the neighbor Old Farmer Jack will help the player in understanding the ropes inf managing the farm. My Farm is an livestock raising simulation game. The player using the starting resources must expand the farm by obtaining more money by buying livestock, raising and fattening them, and eventually re-selling them or sell their produce at the shopkeeper or Penny Fair. The farm allows a maximum of twenty livestock, which may consist of hens, ducks, turkey, pigs, sheep, and cows. Each livestock has happiness and food indicator bars which when possible, should be kept at a maximum of 100% by regularly feeding and cleaning them. The player may also opt to expand the farm by purchasing additional installments which will allow more livestock types to be kept without them running away. Fulfilling certain requirements may also unlock additional bonuses such as a rooster, a sheepdog, a tractor, and a windmill (see manual for further details). The game may be increased in speed to hasten the day/night cycle, allowing the process of produce and fattening to occur almost instantly. The game does not have specific target goals. The game does however end if the player only has one livestock left which dies either due to starvation or sadness.

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