Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 184,587
Downloads 148,989
Released Nov 21, 2014
File size 1.7GB
3.7/5 (182 votes)
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The most familiar and impressive element of the Pokémon franchise is its turn-based combat mechanics, and nothing can change that. That mechanism is important to monster-catching because it makes the player’s monsters shine while emphasizing tactics rather than action. Furthermore, Alpha Sapphire has many more changes and improvements than other generations and uses a theme that contrasts with Omega Ruby in terms of color and combat interface. With that improvement, giving orders to Pokémon will become more flexible, and more special mechanics will be added, making the battle more intense and entertaining.


The fighting mechanism in the Pokémon franchise is simple; that is, the player must actively enter the wobbly bushes because they are all wild Pokémon for players to fight. For this game, players have access to skill boards, actions, and, eventually, items intended for Pokémon. The above three directories will always be available on the battlefield, allowing players to develop strategies more effectively. Furthermore, if the Pokémon fails, the player can choose to retreat, surrender or switch Pokémon to continue fighting.


In all games Pokémon, the upgrade system works differently from other role-playing games. The first thing is that each Pokémon will have its evolutionary system, and they will gradually level up to unlock new features through fighting or using special items. When Pokémon reach perfect conditions, they will evolve and change their appearance, skills and even add new elements. All Pokémon always have three different evolution states, but a few special Pokémon will surprise players when directly evolving in battle. As Pokémon levels get higher, their overall stats will increase, unlock new skills, and give players more options to develop strategies.


What is striking between Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby is that they share the same world map, but the difference is the Pokémon legendary and the timeline. Thus, that change would affect the world, Pokémon, players, and more, creating a sense of novelty and an intense euphoria compared to its counterpart. However, the biggest changes are the point of interest, topography, secrets, ruins, and more alter the content and stimulate the player’s discovery. Players will also travel through the previous game’s familiar cities, but world interactions are different, and the game will introduce new tools to collect and exert effects.


Alpha Sapphire still keeps the same fighting and hunting mechanism for Pokémon similar to the counterpart and is also a familiar feature of the monster-catching genre. Most Pokémon of the player are obtained from the wild or special events, but their proportions are distinct, as are their rarity. During the battle, if the player succeeds weaken the Pokémon, they can use special types of tools such as the Poké Ball with different levels to obtain. The higher the Poké Ball level, the easier it is to capture powerful and rare targets. Furthermore, if the player wants to capture their favorite Pokémon, they will need to move to a compatible living area since the habitat affects the elemental of Pokémon.


The tournament has always been the most special and important content of the Pokémon franchise and is also where players train to get experience points and build new strategies. The game will also feature friendly and energetic NPCs, always accompanying players or training them on different levels. The rewards for participating in tournaments are generous, even getting rare items or at least powerful Pokémon that can evolve into dominant forms, and always motivate players to continue with post-story games.

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire shares many similarities with Omega Ruby, and their differences are small but enough to engage players with its gameplay. Furthermore, the game features various new things for players to explore, including locations, Pokémon, tournaments, and special events worldwide. That makes the pair Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire a pair of identical cards, always going together and bringing greatness to everyone.

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