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Pokémon Moon

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This article will cover Pokémon Moon, an entry that was released concurrently with Pokémon Sun and has a plot that follows from the previous game. The biggest difference is the plot’s direction; even many moments will refer to the previous game, even featuring Pokémon new and first introduced in this game.

The first reason fans stick to the Pokémon franchise is the world differences, side quests, and timelines. Pokémon Moon shares the same map with its version of Sun, but the most obvious difference is the events’ timelines. However, that still does not reduce the players’ excitement even though they have experienced the Sun; on the contrary, it stimulates their desire to explore new heights. Thanks to the change of events, the location of the new maps, the new mission systems, and finally, the ecosystem will change drastically, far from the previous game.


All players always start with beginner Pokémon who will accompany them throughout their lifetime and even level up and evolve to assist players in future battles. All simple activities and welcoming the first Pokémon will be at the Pokémon Center, a familiar place that all fans will remember. Furthermore, in the future, almost all activities related to the care and exchange of Pokémon will be done here, and also where players meet other players via online mode.


Pokémon Moon’s combat mechanism is similar to its predecessor, and it’s turn-based but uses a unique and opposite theme. The turn-based mechanism is irreplaceable for the franchise Pokémon, even becoming an important factor that makes monster-catching games more user-friendly and easier to develop. Most activities are dependent on Pokémon, and the player’s task is to control, command, use skills, items, and more to win battles. This mechanism has one of the biggest changes. It expands the player’s ability to function and easily changes Pokémon in battle depending on the situation and many other factors.


Like its predecessor, Pokémon Moon retains the familiar graphic and visual design while introducing a new theme, creating a contrast in the overall colors and the world compares to the previous game. Moreover, the game will have many significant changes to the design of the Pokémon while removing the retro graphics element and introducing new and impressive battle effects. The skills or interactions between Pokémon and players are reworked, making the battle more intense band engaging than the franchise’s previous retro-style entries.


Pokémon are special creatures that have lived with humans for a long time, and each of them has a separate evolutionary system. That is also the reason why people welcome the monster-catching genre, especially Pokémon, to the community. Each Pokémon, when leveled up or qualified, will evolve, and improve strength, effects, unlock skills, and change shape. Furthermore, players always have the opportunity to capture Pokémon new in the world, and even keep their appearance but with a level reset. The evolutionary system will improve their combat performance by notching new elements for players to use on the battlefield.


Pokémon Moon has a story in a different time frame than the Sun, so that The game will communicate many new events to players through the storyline. The biggest difference is in the storyline, with many new elements, and introducing Pokémon new for players to collect. Most of Sun and Moon’s plot is independent of the other franchise entries, so players do not need to worry about missing out on previous generations’ games. The biggest changes, such as Moon’s tone, effects, visuals, and style, will bring players new experiences and new adventures.

Pokémon Moon and Sun share many traits, but it would be better and more meaningful to explore the previous version of Sun and continue with Moon. The difference is not big outside of the plot and the Pokémon key, but the game features many exquisite features and intriguing, worthy of the fans not disappointed.

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