Pokémon Omega Ruby

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , KR , US
Views 316,584
Downloads 234,140
Released November 21, 2014
File size 1.7GB
3.7/5 (632 votes)
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The first great thing about Omega Ruby is that it belongs to the latest generation of Pokémon, so it will feature 3D graphics with great visuals to give players the best experience. Thus, the world will have many changes in the landscape, permanently engraving each story in all players’ memories. Besides the advanced graphics system, the action effects or skills of the Pokémon will become more vivid and eye-catching, with perfect color coordination, giving a solid feeling on each frame. Not only the impact of Pokémon but when players interact with the world, there will be many different effects, making a new difference for a new generation Pokémon game.


The most significant difference between Pokémon games is their plot, which always gives players the impression of rich emotions in each situation. Moreover, the plot clues will be scattered worldwide, motivating players to explore. The development of new generation games will now make the feeling of adventure more vivid, and even players must collect all the essential items to continue with new areas. Furthermore, the player will gradually unlock new elements as the story progresses. They always have impressive and eye-catching cutscenes, combined with high-quality visuals to convey the storyline and make them whole, as a perfect blending in story-telling.


Players are permanently attached to this genre because all the franchise entries are monster-catching, so players can collect all Pokémon they see in the wild. Although there will be many notable limitations, players are more persistent and eager to catch the Pokémon they love. In Omega Ruby, new Pokémon will be introduced in new habitats, divided into different categories or organizations for players to explore. The game also applies the franchise’s familiar elemental mechanics, making the combat system more diverse. Furthermore, this game will feature a particular Pokémon and be the plot’s focus, but it will be a surprise until players experience this game directly.


For an RPG, the quest system is the most crucial element to bring a real sense of adventure, and it is also essential for players to gain experience or currency in the game. The most impressive thing is the variety and abundance of the system, even scattered worldwide, either hidden or chain quests. Every place the player passes through will always have a separate mission system to explore and complete. Besides that, some side quizzes will have impressive cutscenes for players to become more immersive and understand the situation of everything. The quest element is unnecessary but essential if the player wants to go further or unlock hidden content in the world.


The new adaption cannot easily change the nostalgia and familiarity of the Pokémon franchise with simple things. Omega Ruby will retain the mechanics of moving, fighting, and interacting with Pokémon from previous generations. However, it has many significant changes in its ability, allowing players to progress and interact with everything faster than ever while improving their gameplay experience and many other factors. The unexpected change in Omega Ruby will be linked to Alpha Sapphire, and players will have many discoveries when interacting with both games.

Omega Ruby introduces a lively and authentic next-generation Pokémon gameplay that emphasizes player interaction with the world and demonstrates exceptional superiority. Moreover, its plot is perfect and cheerful, giving players plenty of opportunities to train and explore the world in the way they love.

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