Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 134,682
Downloads 113,903
Released November 17, 2017
File size 1.64 G
3.8/5 (225 votes)
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Meet “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon,” the pumped-up, jazzed-up, seventh-gen rollercoaster ride of the original Pokémon Sun and Moon games for the 3DS! Imagine moving with your mom to the tropical Melemele Island in the Alola region (a digital Hawaii) with one dream—to become a Pokémon master. But it’s not all sunshine and daisies; these versions have darker twists involving legendary Pokémon like Nebby, Lunala, and a villainous Necrozma hankering to steal all the light in Alola. So, grab your Pokéballs, design your avatar, and let’s embark on an adventure.


In “Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon,” legendary Pokémon take the main stage in a big way. Here, you’ll encounter Nebby if you’re playing Ultra Sun or Lunala if you’re diving into Ultra Moon. But hold your Rapidash! A new villain in town—Necrozma, has an evil plan to drain Alola of all its glorious sunshine. Seriously, who hurt this Pokémon? The stakes are higher, and the drama is thicker than a bowl of Alolan stew, with these legendary Pokémon playing pivotal roles in your quest to save the day.


If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve and your style on your avatar, you’re in luck. Once you fire up the game, you can tweak the appearance of your character till it’s more you than you! Funky hats? Check. Stylish threads? Double check. Customize away, and make sure your digital self is ready to catch them all in true fashionista style.


Do you know what’s more abundant on Melemele Island than coconuts? Wild Pokémon, that’s what! Whether it’s in the grass, near the water, or hanging out in caves—these critters are everywhere. And let’s not forget the battles; oh, the glorious battles! Test your mettle against other players and watch your Pokémon evolve from cute, cuddly creatures to magnificent battle-hardened warriors. The thrill of the fight has never been this electrifying!


So, what’s different, you ask? Plenty! The game gets generous updates regarding Pokémon appearances and evolutions, including—you guessed it—legendary Pokémon. If you ever thought your Charizard couldn’t get any cooler, wait till you see it in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Pokémon undergoes surprising transformations, making the gameplay fresher than a ripe Alolan Berry!


If you’ve ever fantasized about having a Godzilla-sized Pikachu, here’s your chance! Traverse the islands and collect Totem-sized items that will turn your Pokémon into Totem-sized versions of themselves. Not only do they look imposing, but they also have enhanced abilities. Can you say “mega cool”? Because this feature certainly is.

To wrap things up, “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” takes the Pokémon world you love and dials it up to eleven. From the updated roster of legendary Pokémon to highly customizable avatars, wild battles, exciting updates, and Totem-sized adventures—this game packs a wallop in the nostalgia department while delivering a fresh experience. It’s like reliving your childhood with better graphics and more exciting twists. So, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits in Alola, and it’s shinier, wilder, and more Ultra than ever!

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