Pokémon X & Y

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region Asia , EU , Europe , JP , KR , World
Views 627,016
Downloads 491,061
Released October 12, 2013
File size 1.7GB
3.8/5 (699 votes)
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New, unique, and exciting are the words to describe Pokémon X / Y. This brand-new adventure will bring a new generation of lovable characters. Choose a stylish, beautiful look to start your journey in the Kalos region. Start participating in tough and fiery battles with this game.


Coming to Pokémon X / Y, players will meet a series of new Pokemon characters. They are adorable and have special powers that can be fought. If you are too knowledgeable about the old characters, this draws you back to this game; you must spend time learning the new characters.


The vast new land of Kalos will bring us many new things; this is strange for all players. You will discover cities never seen in real life and delight in finding this place’s beautiful sights. This is not just a tour but will be where intense encounters between many Pokemon take place.


The land of Kalos is the place to record the historical battles between Pokemon. Fairy-type Pokemon is the new generation that will defeat Dragon-type Pokemon, so players must collect them to win matches. In addition to Pokemon, your characters must fight with other characters, so take good care of them.

Pokémon X / Y takes players on tour in the vast land of Kalos with massive cities. Players will have to discover new things here in this colorful 3D world. This is also the meeting place between you and the new generation of Pokemon; they have more special powers than their previous ancestors, so they can participate in many battles.


  • Like most main series titles, X and Y include Gyms. Wulfric is the Gym Leader of Kalos, whereas Viola is the Bug Gym Leader (Ice).
  • Users may now personalize their characters’ look in-game by altering their hair color and apparel.
  • The Fairy kind is a new addition. This kind was created to balance the Dragon’s weakness against itself and Ice. Fairy-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Poison and Steel-type attacks, withstand Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type attacks, and resist Dragon-type assaults.
  • Super Training is a new way to boost a Pokémon’s EVs.
  • Now, you may meet many wild Pokémon at once; up to five frenzied Pokémon combat a player’s Pokémon. A lot of experience is gained here. Some moves, like Rock Slide, damage all five enemy Pokémon. Each round, the player’s Pokémon must endure assaults from all five opponents.
  • Sky Battles are limited to Flying Pokémon. However, certain Levitate Pokémon may join. These flying combat are against Trainers on cliffs far away.
  • It helps players to form more significant ties with their Pokémon. The touch screen allows users to pet, feed, and play with their team’s Pokémon. Players may massage or provide their Pokémon using the touchscreen or the camera to replicate their gestures.
  • The Player Search System (PSS) is an online multiplayer function that enables users to connect, combat, and trade. It utilizes the bottom screen to search for other players internationally and locally.
  • The user may rollerskate under specific situations and free roam on no grid. It also works on a bike. The player may utilize skates and grind to go over obstacles. Skiddo, Mamoswine, and Rhyhorn may be ridden in some areas, allowing players to smash rocks and bridge damaged routes. Gogoat may also be ridden, but only in Lumiose City.
  • Many non-Japanese moves and item names have changed spelling or format. ThunderShock is now Thunder Shock, while Faint Attack is now Feint Attack.
  • Unlike previous main series games, Pokémon X and Y employ 3D-modeled cel-shaded characters and monsters rather than sprites. Stereoscopic 3D is only playable in Single Battles, cutscenes, and some locales. The fight system is now more visually appealing, with vibrant attacks and Pokémon responses.
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