Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask

Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Level 5
Genre Adventure , Puzzle
Region WW
Views 11,015
Downloads 8,199
Released February 26, 2011
3.4/5 (28 votes)

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The tragic story happened eighteen years ago, when Hershel Layton’s friend Randall Ascot, an archaeological enthusiast lost his life searching for an ancient mask in ancient ruins. In the past, Randall’s lover Angela was greatly afflicted by the death of her boyfriend. Eighteen years later, Layton was contacted by Angela saying that the mask had been stolen and asked him to investigate, a new story began here. As Layton, your task is to investigate the mysterious theft, where you must explore the area, chat with people involved to collect clues about the case. There are many puzzles that need to be solved, with each successful puzzle you will get a certain number of Picarats, solving many puzzles without making any mistake will bring more Picarats. Picarats act as a key to opening valuable reward content. For puzzles that are too difficult, you can also use Hint coins to refer to the suggestions.

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