Project X Zone 2

Project X Zone 2
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Bandai Namco
Genre Other
Region EU , US
Views 7,376
Downloads 4,235
Released 12th Feb 2016 (UK/EU)
16th Feb 2016 (USA)
4.4/5 (8 votes)
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Familiar characters from the four families Bandai Namco Entertainment, Capcom, Sega and Nintendo have joined together in a battle to confront the evil enemies and save the world. Similar to Project X Zone, two characters in the same game will fight in pairs, for example, X and Zero from Mega Man X, Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima from Tekken, etc. The character pairs will be placed in a grid form arena, where the enemies appear. When you move your character close to the enemy, a battle will occur. The battles will take place in turn, you need to combine attacks and combos to cause as much damage as possible before the end of that turn.

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