Rodea the Sky Soldier

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher NIS America
Genre Action
Region EU , US
Views 3,253
Downloads 2,882
Released 10th Nov 2015 (USA)
13th Nov 2015 (UK/EU)
File size 1.12 G
4/5 (1 vote)
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The celestial kingdom of Garuda is in a bit of a pickle. Think of it as having an unwanted reunion with some not-so-friendly faces from a millennium ago. Now, who’s the kingdom’s knight in shining armor? Enter Rodea, the mechanical soldier who once upon a time saved Garuda. If you ever fancied flying without the hassle of TSA, “Rodea the Sky Soldier” for 3DS lets you live the airborne dream while defending a kingdom. You pass, aim, shoot, and yes, you encounter a sky filled with mechanical baddies that you can take down faster than you can say “mile-high club.”


First, let’s discuss what makes Rodea feel like Superman without the cape or the kryptonite drama. Flying is the game’s name here, and oh boy, does it deliver on that promise. Your primary objective involves darting through the sky like an eagle in a jet stream. Targeting and launching are as easy as pushing the A button. Whether you’re chilling on the ground, contemplating life’s existential questions, or already up in the clouds, this can be performed. Flying isn’t just a feature in this game; it’s an entire lifestyle, and you’re here for it.


Now that we’ve established the concept of flight let’s dig into the whole targeting mechanism. It isn’t just about flapping your mechanical wings aimlessly in the air; it’s about “zeroing in” on something or someone and then launching yourself like a guided missile with feelings. The targeting is intuitive but will keep you on your mechanical toes. You get to focus on a specific target, and with a simple press of the A button, you’re on your way to either saving the day or smashing into something. It’s the thought that counts.


Speaking of smashing into something, let’s talk combat. After all, the sky isn’t just about fluffy clouds and the occasional bird you must dodge; it’s also jam-packed with enemies. To handle these sky-high foes, Rodea combines agility with sheer power. Creating momentum is crucial; consider it a wind-up before the pitch. You strike your enemies with devastating force once you’ve built up enough speed. The sky has never seen a more graceful or deadly form of aerial ballet.


While we’re on momentum, let’s delve into the speed factor. The word ‘tremendous’ doesn’t even begin to cover the speed Rodea can achieve. I mean, we’re talking breakneck speeds here. If you ever want to test the theory of relativity or just enjoy the rush of wind against your virtual face, this is the game for you. Speed is not just for thrill-seekers in Rodea; it’s a tactical advantage. The faster you are, the harder you hit. Who knew physics could be so much fun?


Finally, while all this action and speed are terrific, at the core of it all is Rodea, a mechanical soldier with more than just nuts and bolts. Rodea isn’t just a hunk of metal; he’s a hero with a history. A thousand years back, he was the savior of Garuda, and now he’s back to reclaim that title. He’s the metallic protagonist you didn’t know you needed, but once you meet him, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this flying, fighting marvel.

So, there you have it! A thousand-year-old hero, intuitive targeting, enemies that fill the sky like metallic confetti, the speed that would make Einstein rethink his equations, and a mechanical hero with a soul. “Rodea the Sky Soldier” for 3DS is more than a game; it’s an experience that’s got both sky and soul. Strap in and prepare for liftoff; this is one airborne adventure you don’t want to miss.

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