Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives

Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives
Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher SEGA
Developer M2
Genre Action , Beat 'em up , Racing , Shooter
Views 286
Downloads 271
5/5 (1 vote)

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Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives (セガ3D復刻アーカイブス) is a compilation for the Nintendo 3DS containing six previously released 3D Classics games as well as two Master System games that originally required the 3-D Glasses. The game's box art was drawn by Ken Sugimori of Game Freak fame. Games included 3D Space Harrier 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Bros. 3D OutRun 3D Bare Knuckle 3D The Super Shinobi II 3D Ecco the Dolphin Space Harrier 3D OutRun 3D

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