Skylanders Giants

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Activision Publishing , Inc.
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 3,358
Downloads 1,708
Released Oct 21, 2012
File size 399.72 M
3.7/5 (2 votes)
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Once upon a time, Skylanders were the brave souls guarding Skylands. Fast forward a few millennia—they were napping on Earth. Yawn! Now, evil’s knocking on the door, and guess what? It’s your job to wield the formidable power of over 45 unique Skylanders to thwart some dastardly plans. Want to make it a global affair? Team up or duke it out with players across the globe in an online multiplayer mode.


“Rise and shine, sleepyheads!” That’s what you’re effectively saying when you start this game. Long have these Skylanders been in a state of snooze on Earth, but the time for a wake-up call has arrived. We’re not talking about an alarm clock but the dire need to stop evil forces. The game equips you with more than 45 Skylanders to fight this battle. Each Skylander has its combat style and distinct abilities, giving you the variety you didn’t even know you were missing. From sword-wielding warriors to magic casters, the roster is diverse. The question is, can you harness their powers effectively to thwart the evil plans?


Let’s talk about collection goals! Forget your nephew’s annoying stamp collection; this is the real deal. In “Skylanders Giants,” you can collect over 45 unique Skylanders—each a tiny powerhouse. You’ll rush through various terrains to unlock that next enigmatic character. There are elemental types to consider, abilities to open, and the endless joy of just collecting them. In a world where Pokemon cards are so last century, Skylanders are the newest bragging rights among gamers.


You’ve flexed your muscles in single-player mode, but are you ready to take on the world? Literally! The game features an online multiplayer mode that allows you to cooperate with or battle against players from all corners of the Earth. Whether you’re itching for a team-up in a co-op mission or raring to prove that your Skylanders are the cream of the crop in PvP (Player vs. Player), there’s something for you. Team strategies and rivalries can form globally, making it more than a game. It’s worldwide digital diplomacy or destruction—your choice.


Okay, you’ve got an army of Skylanders and a global arena to showcase them. But wait, there’s more! The game isn’t just a mindless button masher. Strategy and planning are crucial. Knowing which Skylander to deploy, mastering the abilities, and executing the perfect combo could mean the difference between epic victory and shameful defeat. Plus, let’s not forget the puzzles and challenges that require something more than just thumb agility. So, put on your thinking cap along with your battle armor!


Or perhaps at the end of several days, depending on your gaming intensity, the ultimate aim is to halt the evil forces threatening the Skylands. Here, the stakes are more than online bragging rights or adding another collectible to your shelf. The fate of an entire world hangs in the balance, and your skills, strategies, and collection of Skylanders stand between order and chaos. So, it’s not just a game; it’s a heroic quest requiring all the courage you can muster. Are you up for the challenge?

So there you have it, a whirlwind tour of “Skylanders Giants” for 3DS. It’s a world of ancient heroes, collectible warriors, online battles, strategic mastery, and world-saving missions. Now, if you’re ready for action, what are you waiting for? The Skylanders aren’t going to collect themselves, you know!

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