The Sims 3

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 14,519
Downloads 14,098
Released March 25, 2011
File size 211.06 M
3.4/5 (25 votes)
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Become a new person and live in a new city with The Sims 3. Starting the game the first thing, you need to do is customize the character to your own style. There is no linear task in the game, where you can do whatever you like and get to know anyone you want. In this city, you can find yourself a job to make money, even more, to increase income. After hours of work, you can entertain in a variety of ways such as listening to music, watching TV, or visiting the city, etc. There are many residents living in this city and you can easily chat and make contacts with them. Depending on how you behave in each conversation, the relationship between you and them may become positive or negative. In addition, you can interact with many objects in the environment and to every house you want.

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