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Two of the worlds greatest arcade fighter developers, Capcom and SNK, join forces to finally answer the question asked by many for years: Who is the dominant fighter? A range of fighters from both worlds are available to choose from, with two different fighting styles (Capcom and SNK, of course) meaning that players of both worlds can fit into the game easily, while new gamers can try Ryu using the SNK format. Get ready for the Fight of the Millennium!! After many rumors and speculations, it is time for the most anticipated crossover for the arcade fighting games: Capcom vs. SNK! The most iconic characters of the rival companies duke it out in a flashing match to remember! Ryu vs Kyo! Ken vs Terry Bogard! Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui! M. Bison vs Geese Howard! This version for SEGA Dreamcast can allow you to link to the NeoGeo Pocket version for extra perks and bonuses. Take a stand against the fiercest combatants to open the 21st Century!

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