Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

Console Sega Dreamcast
Publisher Midway Games
Developer Midway Games
Genre Fighting
Views 2,501
Downloads 3,917
File size 396.96 M
3.6/5 (1 vote)
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 is a boxing game for the Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance. It is also the sequel to Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. Gameplay in the game is similar to that of the previous game. The more big hits the player land consecutively, letters that spell out "RUMBLE" appear below the player's side of the screen. Letters also appear when the fighter taunts his opponent. Once the word is formed, powerful combo attacks can be activated that will almost definitely knock the opponent down. This time, however, there are three levels of "RUMBLE", which build up one after the other. If the player successfully lands a combo with his RUMBLE Meter full on the third level (where the letters start smoking), the final blow can launch the opponent clear out of the ring, giving the player an instant victory.

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