Sonic Adventure

Console Sega Dreamcast
Publisher SEGA
Developer Sonic Team
Genre Platform
Views 4,200
Downloads 8,147
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Centuries ago, the planet was bestowed the seven Chaos Emeralds. These emeralds were a source of unlimited power, and consequently it did not take long before wars broke out over who would control the Chaos Emeralds. There was also a Master Emerald, which was the controller of the Chaos Emeralds and could either negate or amplify the Chaos Emerald's power. One of the chao living near the shrine of the Emeralds accidentally made contact with the holy water in the shrine and mutated to become a peaceful creature that could use the power of water called Chaos and became the guardian of the rest of the chaos there. Later on, a tribe of echidnas, led by Pachamac, angered Chaos by attempting to steal the Chaos Emeralds, ruining the sanctuary it was protecting and attempted a mass massacre on the chao living there. They were all but completely destroyed within a single night and Chaos, in his fury, used the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Perfect Chaos and slaughtered all the echidnas. Pachamac's daughter, Tikal, had pleaded with Pachamac but he refused to listen to her. Tikal then prayed to the Master Emerald after Perfect Chaos had left to destroy the entire world to seal herself with Chaos inside the Master Emerald.

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