Asterix & Obelix XXL

Console GBA
Publisher Atari / Infogrames
Genre Arcade
Region WW
Views 915
Downloads 458
Released 2004
File size 4.53MB
5/5 (1 vote)
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The first thing that impressed me in this game was the graphics. 3D environment is vividly designed right in the limited memory of the GBA device. You can play as Asterix or Obelix to explore many areas in the village and some surrounding ruins. In terms of story, it revolves around two main protagonists in the battle to protect their homeland from the Roman army’s invasion. You can switch between these two characters at any time, with some known capabilities. Asterix smart and agile. While the older brother is a strong knight, possessing fighting techniques left behind by his late father. Throughout the entire work, there are many bad guys that need to be eliminated. However, RPG is not the only element that the developer provides, but also has the presence of riddles. They come from NPCs in each region. By implementing the proposals, they will unlock new areas and provide information for the development of the process. Of course, this perfect combination will reduce the crushing of the B button on the device, causing players to use a bit of wisdom to reduce stress and repeat boredom.

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