Pokémon Dragon Ball Z Team Training

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
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Downloads 3,604
Released Unknown
File size 5.51 M
3.9/5 (18 votes)
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Dragon Ball Z Team Training (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) a unique combination of the two famous brands Pokemon and Dragon Ball that has been talented as a hacker creation. This is essentially a remake of Pokemon Fire Red, with the Pokemon modified to familiar characters in the Dragon Ball Z series. The actions and tactics of the characters are perfectly simulated as in manga and anime. Now you can own the most powerful warriors in the universe to fight for themselves, nothing better than that, right?


– Pokemon are replaced by “fighters”. There are 165 fighters in this game.
– There are 170 attacks including 130 new attacks (techniques from Dbz) with new animations of course, and 30 old attacks (from Pokémon, like Headbutt for example).
– New maps for some cities.
– Changed some overworld sprites too. (mini-sprites on the maps)
– Many items were added (capsules, senzu … etc)
– Fusion System
– And much more.

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