Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,757
Downloads 4,565
Released October 25, 2002
File size 7.18MB
4.1/5 (2 votes)
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Dream Land is a beautiful and peaceful land. Here, the fountain Fountain of Dreams collects the hopes and dreams of every citizen to make it come true while giving them beautiful dreams after a hard-working day. But one day, a tragedy happened to the kingdom when King DeDeDe destroyed the Star Rod – the fountain’s energy and caused it to stop working while the Star Rod broke into small pieces. Immediately after that incident, Kirby fought the one who destroyed the good things that were protecting the kingdom and restored Star Rod. However, soon after the Fountain of Dreams resumed work, Nightmare appeared and brought bad things to everyone. The only thing Dream Land could return to being a peaceful kingdom was to defeat the Nightmare and the terrible things it brought about. Kirby, along with the hopes of the people in the kingdom, will make this dangerous journey, can he win and return?

The gameplay of Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland is still similar to the previous versions. Players will control the character, Kirby, help him through the stages to reach the ultimate goal of defeating Nightmare and return to the beautiful Dream Land. Of course, this journey is not easy, because monsters and obstacles will constantly appear along the way to prevent the plan. Players can use skills to run, jump, bend to avoid or attack hazards. Kirby has several offensive abilities that players need to know. First, he can swallow any monster or object and fire bullets to attack other enemies. The next ability is to inflate the body to fly into the air in order to avoid the dangers. However, in this state, it is impossible for him to attack, but he can blow out a stream of air to return to his normal state, while this airflow can kill enemies. The last possibility is copying. While the enemy fire burning bullets or use swords to slash or any other skill, Kirby can copy it all and use it for a short period of time. But only a limited number of turns are used, so once you have used this skill, fight the enemy quickly before it disappears.

In addition to 41 levels and stages, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland has up to 6 extra games to experience. This feature is supplemented to make the game more diverse and the player has more options as well as will not be bored. It includes Meta Knightmare, Boss Endurance, Arena, Samurai Kirby, Kirby’s Air Grind, and Bomb Rally. In Boss Endurance, Kirby will be confronted with the most powerful bosses in the game, but in return, he can copy their special skills to apply to the stages of the story mode. As for the secondary game Meta Knightmare, which is built quite independently, the player will play the role of “Meta Knightmare” and participate in a power championship competition. The developer intends to build an independent plot for it in the future because the Meta Knightmare character is completely new and does not appear in any other side games like Kirby. He is compared to having a faster movement speed than Kirby, heavier than Kirby and possesses 6 fighting skills: Lunging Slice, Up Thrust, Down Thrust, Slide, Fly, and Meta Chop. Moreover, some other games are also quite attractive and can bring some more life points for Kirby.

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