Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars
Console GBA
Publisher Unknown
Genre Action , Adventure
Region JP
Views 409
Downloads 45
Released Unknown
3.2/5 (5 votes)
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Lego Star Wars has no specific story building. Somehow, the developer extracted the most prominent events in all three prequel series of Star Wars to bring an excellent experience to the players. Why do I say that? Because the design team worked together for hours, to build characters and scenes similar to the views of the movie, with familiar Lego pieces. The cast of 15 heroes includes Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, and more. They possess a range of combat skills and particular skills. Accurately, R2-D2 can fly thanks to the built-in thruster and activate computer systems by unlocking security. Anakin possesses a mighty light sword, can drain an enemy’s life meter with a few attacks, and can even throw it like a Boomerang to exert a more significant range effect. Obi-Wan is different, as he can easily break through obstacles with his health and power supplies.

Throughout 12 levels, you can carry three characters and switch at any time. Of course, levels are artfully designed to force you to do this. Do you feel that this game offers a lot more exciting things than the tight guillotine action genre? Of course, if you can’t use the ability between characters smoothly, then you will not be able to overcome the challenge when the obstacles are appearing denser. Monsters have the same tendency. They are like a bunch of animals, rushing into the character as if starving for a long time. If you don’t make it in time to dodge and push them a safe distance away, do you think you’ll become a meal? This is most likely to occur, as the firepower of monsters is continuously evolving, while Anakin and the other Jedi do not. There are no upgrades, no level systems or equipment. The only things you own are items that enhance the player’s power and control. But perhaps that is more than enough. CPUs aren’t really good at evading attacks, but players are.
Regarding the quests, there was no difficulty. It revolves around cleaning bases and military zones. Sometimes, it’s simpler as players just need to find an exit door.

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