Mario & Luigi – Superstar Saga

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region EU , US
Views 3,536
Downloads 3,795
Released 2003
File size 6.60MB
3.6/5 (3 votes)
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The story of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga begins with the event of Princess Peach’s voice being stolen by a witch named Cackletta. Receiving a plea for help, Mario and Luigi went to Bowser, but he wasn’t the one who did this bad thing. They later traveled to the Beanbean Kingdom and were told by the queen that Cackletta had done this, with the aim of turning Princess Peach into a ruiner by replacing her voice with gunpowder. Prince Peasley tried to stop this but unfortunately was turned into a dragon by the witch’s magic. If Mario and Luigi can defeat Peasley, he will return to being human and guide them to Woohoo Hooniversity.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is an RPG game, combined with adventure play style. Players will simultaneously control the characters, Mario and Luigi, to overcome dangers to search for the final enemy, Cackletta, who did steal the voice of Princess Peach. However, this journey is quite long, and there are such risks that appear along the way. These include obstacles, traps, and sometimes are monsters. Then, use the fighting skills of the two characters to fight them. However, the fighting mechanism has been replaced by turn-based fighting. Each turn, the player can choose one of four actions: Run, Item, Bros, or Solo. Solo is using a single skill, including jumping on an enemy’s head or using a hammer to cause damage. Bros is a combined attack, consuming BP (Bros Points) but can give heavy damage. The Bros skills of Mario and Luigi are different, and they are almost unavailable at first. It requires the player to complete several stages to unlock.

Besides the unique skills, characters also designed with the level system and statistics like other role-playing games. Whenever winning a battle, they will receive experience points to level up, and then be rewarded with points to upgrade the stats: HP, DEF, SPEED, BP, POW, and Stache to become stronger.

Although the difficulties are constantly increasing, if the player knows how to use their abilities, it will be much easier to overcome. Sometimes, use the hammer altogether to fly into the air, overcome the abyss, or turn Mario into a small ball and use Luigi’s hammer to take him through the small paths. Besides, pay attention during the move to collect items like mushrooms to recover HP and “1-Up” for more lives.

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