Mega Man Zero 2

Console GBA
Publisher Capcom
Genre Action , Adventure , Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,071
Downloads 2,208
Released JP: May 2, 2003
NA: October 14, 2003
EU: October 31, 2003
File size 4.20MB
4/5 (1 vote)
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Since the last time he defeated Copy X, Zero Man has started a new battle with the army of the Pantheons in the harsh desert. When the war ended, he was stuck in a sandstorm. Fortunately, he can still survive, but the armor was heavily damaged as he was pursued by the Neo Arcadia army. At that critical moment, Harpuia – one of the surviving members of the Four Guardians had promptly appeared to rescue him. However, a massacre is about to take place when Elpizo is trying to harness the power of the Dark Elf. His purpose is to release the bad energy, strengthen his army, and kill the last warriors who are trying to protect the peace. A century ago, the Earth once fell into a catastrophic state by Dr. Weil while he was doing the same thing, but it was promptly stopped by a heroic force. But now, only Zero can do this.

Megaman Zero 2 does not have much difference in gameplay compared to its predecessor while retaining the action element on the side-scrolling platform. Although the plot is always ongoing every time the player completes the level and gets some achievements, it seems that things are significantly improved, in terms of the character’s strength, and also is the difficulty. The missions are diversely designed, and most of them bring bonuses and other equipment, including guns and weapons. However, to get these things, it also requires the player to engage in dangerous battles when trying to rescue soldiers captured or injured by the enemy back to the front line, as well as attack the supply routes of enemy food and weapons. It can be seen that the developer has a new elaboration for designing the script when Zero is really fighting for justice and end the war, not trying to prolong time and survive.

Not only that, when the weapons system with the elements of Electrical/Fire/Ice and their special abilities remain the same, Zero has a new ability to learn the special fighting skills of bosses that he defeated. This factor was included to make the game more exciting and to push the difficulty gradually higher. In addition, a multiplayer mode is added for players to connect with their friends. It includes Hard Mode, Get-Item, Enemy Battle, and Time Attack. Most are designed to complement entertainment and increase competition when time and score are included.

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