Metal Slug Advance

Console GBA
Publisher UTV Ignition Entertainment
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,751
Downloads 2,943
Released 2004
File size 3.61MB
3/5 (5 votes)
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Morden is one of the most cruel generals in human history. Together with his army, he destroyed many peaceful cities and villages in order to show his dictatorship. Tyra Elson, a young girl lucky to survive the death sweep, but her relatives, friends, and family were massacred. Since that, the hatred in her blood grew and that motivated her to join the Peregrine Falcons organization with the ultimate goal of revenge. After years of training and undergoing extremely harsh training, little Tyra Elson has become one of the best mercenaries ever. Once on a mission in an unknown island, she accidentally met Walter Ryan, a cold guy and also is one of the most talented mercenaries of another unit in her organization. They became very close after that. Together with the pain of losing loved ones, they went together to take revenge on Morden, but that was not easy because his army was too crowded and powerful. With courage and excellent fighting skills, could the plan of retaliation for two steel warriors succeed?

To begin exploring the journey of the Metal Slug Advance, players will choose one of two main characters: Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson to play the role. Literally is an action game, it requires no complex task of collecting items. The gameplay is just simply to control the character through stages and destroy the enemies that would appear everywhere, with basic actions like running, jumping and shooting. Initially, the system only gives players a single pistol and infinite bullets. Therefore, you need to attack monsters and enemies to collect powerful items and weapons to increase destruction. During the game, a number of prisoners also appear, rescue them to receive support items, including machine guns, flamethrowers, rockets, grenades,… and more.

However, the higher the level is, the more difficult the challenge will be. New types of soldiers will appear as well as the player’s scene will be filled in with extremely dangerous types of bullets and bombs. Therefore, the skill of dodging and reacting to unexpected situations is extremely necessary. Sometimes, it will take a lot of lives to defeat the last boss, which means it is very difficult. Players will face an army of soldiers, tanks, and bombers, while the bosses continually use attacks to kill the character. For some other action games, once lost, the player will start playing the entire level again. Playing over and over at some unnecessary stages will surely cause fatigue and boredom. Luckily, this game doesn’t go that way. A level is divided into many different stages and players only need to replay the nearest stage. This feature is considered a part of the offset for the character’s relatively weak vitality design.

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