Metroid Fusion

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Arcade
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,805
Downloads 4,700
Released 2002
File size 4.41MB
4.3/5 (3 votes)
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Samus Aran was sent to the lab on planet SR388 to find out what happened to the biological research team (BSL) after losing contact with them over a period of time. Upon arrival, the first thing he saw was a desolate space, and everyone seemed to have gone missing. He was about to search for clues, but suddenly a Hornoad appeared and tried to kill him with a weapon. Failed, Samus promptly reacted and destroyed him. Soon after, an amorphous creature called X Parasite invaded Samus’s body. His nervous system has been compromised, which results in loss of memory as well as loss control of many body organs. Luckily, he was able to endure. He returned home, had surgery and an immunization vaccine. The mystery going on at SR388 has not been revealed yet, where does the appearance of X Parasite come from? What is the purpose of the person behind this plot?

Metroid Fusion is a shooting game, combined with adventure – puzzle. Players will play as Samus to uncover the mysteries that are happening in the lab at the planet SR388. There are many different areas, most of which are connected by elevators, secret passageways or armored doors. Use the provided gun to break obstacles to find another area to open up other developments. Despite the combination of the adventure genre, this game focuses a lot on pre-built scenarios. The system will provide quite a lot of information about the navigation room and the places that players need to come.

There are many mysteries to be discovered, but most of them are protected by monsters. Samus is provided with a number of weapons has many combat skills to combat these dangers. Some basic skills are: running, jumping, firing boss bullets, rolling into balls to move through narrow paths, or even using one hand to grip a wall, while the other hand could use weapons or do other things at the same time. However, some other areas are more dangerous, Samus can hardly survive, if not improved in terms of health and strength. Thanks to the special Vaccine by the scientists that I introduced in the plot, he is not only immune to X Parasites that appear along the way but can also absorb them to improve his strength, sometimes appears additional bombs and rockets. To increase power, players look to “Data room” to absorb Core-X. However, the Data room can only be opened after defeating certain bosses. In addition, the developer also provides another feature called: Fusion. During this battle, players can collect special types of elements dropped by the enemy, or scattered somewhere on the map to create a special armor called: “Fusion Suit “. It not only enhanced Samus’s defenses but also equipped him with more powerful weapons.

As for the latter scenario, players will meet another character, SA-X, a super warrior of the planet SR388. Unfortunately, his role is the boss that the player needs to destroy. But ultimately, this villain plays an important role in destroying the final boss: “Omega Metroid”. The only reason explains why he is capable of is because he owns Ice Beam, the only weapon that can damage Omega Metroid, which Samus does not have.

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