Metroid: Zero Mission: Color Improvement Patch

Console GBA
Developer Piggy Chan!
Genre Action , Adventure , Platformer
Region English
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Downloads 165
File size 5.07MB
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The blown out and overly bright visuals of Metroid: Zero Mission, like those of many other games on the Game Boy Advance, do not fare well when viewed on modern monitors. Despite this, the game is one of the most beloved titles available for the Game Boy Advance. The sole purpose of this patch is to modify the color palettes in Metroid: Zero Mission in an effort to create a version of the game that is less taxing on the eyes and features a greater range of contrasts across the color spectrum. The desolate and solitary atmosphere of Super Metroid is the primary source of inspiration for this.

Take into consideration that this patch has mostly dark colors, making it possibly difficult to see on different GBA hardware. Thank you for your attention to this matter. It was designed with monitors and televisions in mind from the beginning.

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