Metroid: Zero Mission

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,501
Downloads 4,521
Released 2004
File size 5.07MB
4.2/5 (2 votes)
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Metroid: Zero Mission is set in 2130 when Pirates Space launched an attack on the Gen Research Center on the planet SR388. They stole a sample called Metroids – a virus that can invade any living organism and drain its energy, then take control of the mind. Moreover, they can be cloned very quickly under the influence of Beta rays, making it even more dangerous than before. If Pirates Space has a bad purpose in using Metroids, an epidemic of the destruction of the galaxy is inevitable. Now, the only way to prevent this disaster from happening is to rob the Metroids and kill the infected living creatures. Samus Aran has been assigned this task, he will leave for the planet SR388.

Players will play the role of Samus Aran and begin the journey to find Metroids on the planet SR388. The game’s gameplay focuses on battle scenes with Pirates Space’s enemies, finding passageways between areas, and dodging obstacles. Initially, Samus was equipped with a set of yellow power armor. It is capable of reducing 50% of damage and can fire unlimited fire bullets. Some skills that players can use are jumping, curling, and shooting bullets. In it, the ability to curl helps Samus shrink the size of his body, just by a ball to move through the small paths, while the skill of jumping and shooting is to dodge the attack and damage the enemy.

Clearly, the deeper in the story, the more difficult the game becomes. In which monsters will appear more often, attacking players with powerful weapons, even with the appearance of bosses. At that time, good control skills are not enough. Collect items like armor and special weapons to improve your strength. Samus has only 100 vitality points, if it drops to 0, the player will have to start the level again. Sometimes, if a player causes Samus to take too much damage, or falls into traps, he will lose his armor. This is quite bad because the power will be reduced to 50%, at the same time, the defense will be reduced to a half. Compared to the previous version of Super Metroid, this is a new feature when the old armor is an integral part of the character. However, in this game, it is opposite, and players can also create a new armor set from items collected during play.

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