Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure
Region WW
Views 32,705
Downloads 11,538
Released Unkow
3.9/5 (79 votes)
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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) is an exciting remake that promises to give players a completely new experience compared to the original Pokemon Fire Red version. This is the product of a talented ROM hacker named Aethestode, someone who must love the Pokémon Adventure / Special manga series when the stories in the game are cleverly created to resemble the most comic pages.


– Updated Graphics
– Playable Characters (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow)
– Character Customization
– Character Mugshot
– Day and Night
– Multiple Regions (+ Alola Region)
– New Battle Backgrounds
– A huge pokédex featuring tons of new pokemon Pokémon
– Additional Features
– Extra events and chapters.
– New music.
– Two rivals in the game.
– The level cap was raised to 255.
– New OWs for NPC.
– New Trainer Sprites.
– New scripts, events, and secrets to discover.
– D / P / P Fonts and Textbox.
– Revamped Battle System (New moves and abilities, Physical and Special Split, etc).
– Reusable TM.
– New additional Pokémon Typing.
– EV and IV stat check.
– Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion.
– Brand new items.
– Much, much, much more waiting for you!

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