Pokemon Black – Special Palace Edition

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region US
Views 2,890
Downloads 686
Released 2004
File size 5.21 M
3.7/5 (1 vote)
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Supposedly, four Pokégod mascots (Pokémon ancestors) were sealed in globes. They lived west of Magore in Beaulés. Thousands of years later, people with great aspirations sought Pokegod to rule the world. Only Eseal rules the empire Se Corp. A young man who wanted to conquer those Pokemon appeared and fought Eseal. He sought advice from Ph.D. mascot researcher Professor Oak. After that, the professor took the boy to the lab and let him pick a rare Pokemon: Flaon, Bliqu, or Magid. After getting his own Pokemon, the boy explores Beaulés and searches for Eseal, the last enemy.

Players can use this information to choose the original Pokemon wisely. Choose Flaon if you’ve played Pokemon “Black – Special Palace” before. The fire system Pokemon has two initial skills, Scratch and Growl, and is best for experienced trainers because it’s hard to control its power. Choose Magid if you’ve never played this Series. Grass and Electric, with Tackle and Leech Seed as the first two skills. Choose Bliqu if players lack Pokemon training experience. Although water-based, its capabilities are stable and easy to master.

The player starts in Viridian City after completing the system’s first scripts. The NPC will assign tasks and give players information and rewards to upgrade their Pokemon. The final goal is to defeat Leader Gyms to unlock the next city. Beaulés has 8 cities and 8 Gyms to conquer. It unlocks the Elite Four and is the last point before facing Eseal, the strongest boss. He has 4 powerful Pokégod, making him difficult to defeat. When moving to cities, collect Pokemon and support items to upgrade and strengthen them.

Pokemon Black – Special Palace has a unique graphics background. Only black and white are used, simplifying it. An independent development version, the game adds new Pokemon not found in previous versions. It keeps the soundtrack from the seniors but adds new tracks and Pokemon sounds. Battles become more vivid. I appreciate the sound and graphics because the developer took a long time to design them to give players a more advanced experience.

Pokemon Black – Special Palace is well-received. The story is coherent, graphics and sound are improved, and gameplay is simple. The first stage is stereotypical, but after that, players can control and steer the journey.

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