Pokémon Electro Ball

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region WW
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Released Unknown
File size 5.2 M
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Pokemon Electro Ball (Pokemon FireRed Hack) is a hacked version inspired by the original Pokemon FireRed game created by a ROM hacker named FAARSAL. This version also has a completely new storyline, participating in the game you will play a normal 12-year-old boy, suddenly one day you come across OAK, a newly transferred Pokemon professor. He asks you to search for his friend from another town to find information about a legendary Pokemon, in your journey you also meet familiar friends like Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum and a number of other celebrities in the anime.


– New Region
– New Graphics
– New Tiles
– New Pokemon (From All Gen 1-6)
– New Story
– Physical / Special / Status Split
– New Moves
– New Overworlds
– Choose from Four Starters (All from Sinnoh)
– Updated Pokemon Sprites
– Travel with Ash & Brock
– Pokemon League Tournament (Like Anime because Elite Four are quite bad)
– New Characters & Rivals
– Decaptilization (The Rom won’t SHOUT on you)

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