Pokemon Fire Red

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region JP , US
Views 11,567
Downloads 7,255
Released 07/09/2004
File size 5M
4/5 (22 votes)
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Before, in the 2000s, smartphones were something like a luxury that no one thought of. Therefore, there are no android games like now, the most popular are handheld games, for GBP. Pokemon – Fire Red seemed to dominate the GBP entertainment market at that time and it was an integral part of any GBP device. It was developed based on Nintendo’s franchising Pokemon brand, which is the most popular brand worldwide. Today, technology has made great strides, along with the advent of smart mobile devices. Games with sharp 3D graphics and new gameplay can easily be found, but it’s hard to replace the unique experiences that only the GBP system offers. In this article, we will learn about the product that once had a strong influence: Pokemon – Fire Red.

Pokemon – Fire Red is set in the Kanto continent, revolving around a young Pokemon trainer. Years ago, his father used to be a Pokemon master, had excellent training and possessed the strongest mascots. He has never been defeated by any of opponent, but that has led to unhappiness. A mysterious criminal organization murdered him and usurped these Pokemon. His son grew up, like father like son, he inherits his father’s temperament and raising his ambition to become a master of summoned Pokemon, continuing to complete the unfinished career of his father. At the same time, he also learns about the mysterious organization called the Rocket team and stops the bad things they do.

The journey to discover Kanto begins in Pallet Town, Professor Oak’s hometown, who gives you the first Pokemon. You will explore Kanto, and other surrounding regions one after another in chronological order. During this discovery, you will perform quests to receive valuable items, while capturing powerful Pokemon and fighting other opponents. Normally, at each location (city, town or forest) there will be Pokemon centers, Pokemarts, and Gyms. Pokemon center to treat wounds and heal diseases for Pokemon, Pokemart to buy items, and Gyms for players to practice and fight with other trainers. Regarding the battle mechanism, battles are organized according to the traditional turn-based style. Every time it is the turn, the player will select skills and perform them. The result will be determined when one of the two Pokemon are defeated.

To win the battles, you must not only be a talented trainer but also must understand your Pokemon attributes. Normally, each Pokemon will have two types of fighting skills: active and passive. In particular, active skills will directly damage the enemy, and passive skills are a little different. It can increase defensive points, attack, cause internal injuries to the enemy, causing them to slowly lose blood until death, or cause paralysis, making the enemy unable to use skills. In addition, the Pokemon also designed the level, quality, and equipment systems. Players can buy equipment for Pokemon, and upgrade their qualities to evolve stronger. Kanto has a lot of interesting things, which are hidden somewhere, let’s join this game and discover them all.

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