Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles

Console GBA
Publisher Gold Inc.
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 13,921
Downloads 3,547
Released Unknown
3.9/5 (18 votes)

Pokemon GS Chronicles (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) is the product of a Spanish ROM hacker named Ruki, he and some of his friends who have cherished this project for many years. Their years and end results are sure to not let you down. Based on the original Pokemon Fire Red version, this game gives players a whole new storyline and even special features never seen before.


– A new storyline keeping the essence of the original games
– New unseen characters
– A fully new scripts in all maps
– Johto region maps in a full HGSS style.
– The introduction of the Mega Evolutions in the main storyline
– RSE Tileset system
– A Day & Night system with clock-based events
– Wild Pokemon switching depending the time
– Original soundtracks of HGSS (Using GoGoJJtech’s patch as a base, messed songs ported from HGSS by me)
– Physical/special movement division.
– Some new Pokémon from 4th to 6th generation.
– New mechanics to replace the MO
– New movements from 4-7th generation, some invented by me.
– Updated type table.
– New puzzles and mini-games included.
– Many renewed graphics (such as battle backgrounds, backpack, Trainer card, etc.)
– Most trainers with different Pokémon in their teams.
– Some new locations in Johto and Kanto
– Screams of the Pokémon updated to 7a. generation.
– New locations of some Pokémon.
– Messages from coaches in battle.
– Functional PokéGear.
– Exp. Share and experience gain closest to Sword / Shield mode (but de-activatable)
– Mechanics, objects and more updated to the 8th generation.
– And more …

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