Pokémon Jupiter

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,169
Downloads 976
Released Unknown
File size 5.66 M
3/5 (2 votes)
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Pokemon Jupiter is said to be an advanced version based on Pokemon Ruby. The game added new features that made it more appealing, especially the graphics and plot, which changed the structures a lot. POKEMON JUPITER centers on Ivan and Charon. Ancient Mynoan civilization is their home. An unexpected flood destroyed almost everything in the village. Thank goodness they survived by entering a mysterious gate that led to the Pokemon world. Charon warned Ivan that leaving the village could be dangerous and that they could get lost together. Ivan must avoid trouble and find him quickly. After walking through the gate, Ivan was exhausted and fell unconscious in Aleph. He was found by Fabio Pink, who brought him home and gave him his first Pokemon. After that, Ivan continued his search for Charon in Styxwater.

Although there are many differences and improvements from other Pokemon games from Nintendo, the gameplay hasn’t changed. Players will explore earlier scenarios as the main character. It is flexible because the developer only built the plot base for the beginning, and player choices determine later events. NPCs to assign missions, Charon characters, and other characters to provide information and enhance the player’s discovery must appear. It can help or hurt.

Many gym coaches allow players to fight with them. Leader Gyms appears after passing stages and is the key to the next gym room. Pokemon will gain experience points and a bonus to buy items when they win. Players can also recruit coaches or wild Pokemon on the map by weakening them and throwing Poke Ball with BAG in the console.

Most previous versions allowed only solo matches with other coaches. In this version, players can control two Pokemon at once and fight 2vs2. Players should note that this feature is from Pokemon Ruby, but there is a catch. Charon, the second protagonist, appears in the new plot. After finding him, players can play Ivan or Charon to explore different scenarios. In addition, this game has improved graphics and a sound system with over 65 music tracks and music boxes. Naturally, this improves the user experience, and Pokemon designs and character images are hand-drawn to make them more beautiful and clear. Pokemon Jupiter is impressive with improved features.

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