Pokémon Mirage of Tales

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region English
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Released Unknown
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A ROM hacker who goes by the name Avara created a modified version of the Pokemon Fire Red game called Pokemon Mirage of Tales (Pokemon Fire Red Hack). This version is based on the original Pokemon Fire Red game. If you decide to play the game, you will take on the role of an orphan boy who lives in Avlar, a tranquil country that is encircled by mountains and vast forests. One day, you are awarded a scholarship to attend the Pokémon Trainer Academy, and this provides you with the chance to travel and experience the world beyond the confines of your tranquil nation. This version introduces an entirely new mode of gameplay that has never been seen before. In this mode, you can select a profession for your character, and each profession will have its own interesting facets. You even have the opportunity to become a Gym Leader and manage your very own gym, in addition to the many other exciting opportunities that are awaiting you in this game.


– Choice-based gameplay – every decision you make will affect the story in some way
– Modern battle engine, to include the Physical / Special / Status split and Fairy-type
– Custom sprites for trainers and OWs by me, for a fresh new look
– Pokemon from Gens 1-6
– Choose Your Trainer Class
+ The Freelance Career
+ The Researcher Career
+ The Criminal Career
+ The Seeker Career
+ The Journalist Career
+ The Police Career
+ The Ranger Career
+ The Gym Leader Side-Career
+ The Breeder Side-Career
– And more, for more information click HERE

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