Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
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Downloads 2,275
Released November 17, 2005
File size 11.60MB
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The world is suffering from natural disasters, people are turned into Pokemon and it seems that their memories are completely lost. The players, as well as their teammates, were also victims of this disaster. When both of them trying to escape, they sought a safe shelter, which was Xatu’s home. After the conversations, he realized that the player was once a human. He revealed a legend about Ninetales, a legendary Pokemon that once cursed humans when they were trying to destroy it. Gengar, a member of Team Meanies inadvertently heard this information, immediately, a search for Ninetales was held. However, after finding it, he declared that this catastrophic event was caused by someone else, and that was Groudon. After thousands of years of a deep sleep, he woke up and caused it. A series of Pokemon was captured to become his slaves for a mysterious ally of Groudon, serving for the greatest goal, which is to conquer all of the other planets in the galaxy.

In this game, players will be able to choose one of the 16 Pokemon available for role-playing and choose for themselves another teammate. Basically, the structure of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team is organized under missions, with a series of tasks to be done. Most of them are about rescuing Pokemon in the dungeon or escorting the characters to the required locations. Through them, players can explore the scenarios and events taking place in the game.

Typically, in other versions of this series from Nintendo, the background is built into fairly vast territories, including both cities and villages. However, “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team” is quite small, consisting only of a small village and some quest NPCs. It has no trainers, so collecting Pokemon by catching them is impossible. However, in the process of exploring dungeons, rescuing other Pokemon, or defeating the Pokemon in the course, one of them will actively ask to join the team and the player has the right to accept or refuse those proposals.

Regarding evolutionary features, it still works commonly in this version. During the game, Pokemon will level up. When players reach a certain level, it is possible to proceed with evolution, learn new skills, equip armor to increase damage, defense, and strength indicator. This is an essential part to enhance the fighting ability because the difficulty will steadily increase, while the enemies appear more and more powerful. It will be difficult to pass a stage as well as complete the task if the Pokemon is too weak.

One of the hallmarks that we haven’t realized in any other version from Nintendo games is the ability to connect to help. In the process of exploring dungeons, if players encounter any Pokemon that is too strong and hard to be defeated, please send a request for help to your friend. If they agree, they will immediately appear at the player’s location to assist by defeating the enemy and reviving their teammates. Not only that, but through the ability to connect the two players can also exchange items and Pokemon with one another. Players can consolidate the squad soon after that in order to be ready to continue the unfinished journey.

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