Pokemon Nukleon

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region WW
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Released Unknown
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Pokemon Nukleon, also known as the Pokemon Fire Red Hack, was developed by a ROM hacker who goes by the alias MKSSB. This version of the game is a modification that is based on the original version of Pokemon Fire Red. The story begins a very long time ago; according to a local legend, there was once an ancient civilization located in the heart of Caligo. An ancient Pokemon known as Anirapto is said to have used his thunder to coerce the local population into worshipping him and submitting to his authority. The helpless humanity are left with no other option but to worship it as a deity. The resistance continued, but the Anirapto quickly defeated them and took control of the situation. The survivor with the most strength put forth his final effort to subdue the monster, and he was successful. However, another interpretation of the prophesy states that the Anirapto will return at some point in the future, and at that time there will need to be someone who is capable of defeating it. Is it you who I see there?


– Drei unterschiedliche Versionen des Spiels (Liquid Nukleon / Blooming Nukleon / Burning Nukleon)
– Eine komplett neue Region
– Neue Story + lange Afterstory
– Neues böses Team
– Neue Charaktere
– Neue Tiles
– Es gibt neue Orte zu entdecken
– Viele Pokemon
– Neue Starter
– Ein neues legendäres Pokemon
– Pokemon aus anderen Regionen
– Aufwedige Scripts
– Minispiele und Events
– Vieles mehr …

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Many of you will wonder why there are two versions of the game. In each version, you have a dedicated starter kit. In addition, a number of positions, characters and opponents are different. Hope this feature will be well accepted by you.

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