Pokémon Ruby Version

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 4,021
Downloads 3,780
Released 2003
File size 4.71MB
3.9/5 (5 votes)
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Pokemon Ruby is a co-released version with “Pokemon Sapphire” on the GBA platform. This game is set in the beautiful Hoenn land, revolving around the story of a young man with the desire to become a Pokemon trainer master. His family is preparing to move to the town of Littleroot, which has gyms and excellent Pokemon trainers. On the way, his parents said they wanted to go to Professor Birch’s house, an old friend who they had not seen him for many years. Upon arrival, an extremely chaotic scene is happening, there is a wild Pokemon attacking him. He needs the boy’s help and says he can take one of three Pokemon Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip to rescue him from the attack. To show his gratitude, the professor gave it to him. It is his first Pokemon and will also be a partner of him on his journey to explore Hoenn.

After obtaining the first Pokemon, you will explore different locations in the town of Littleroot and expand to other areas in Hoenn. At gyms, there are many trainers and they will fight with you. Whenever winning, Pokemon will receive experience points to level up and unlock some stronger fighting skills. However, battles can be customized to 2vs2 or multi-battle instead of 1vs1. In 2vs2 mode, you and your opponent will control 2 Pokemon at the same time, while Multi-battle has more than 1 opponent. However, the competitors in the Gyms will continue to strengthen, and the final boss is Gym Leaders. They possess extremely powerful mascots, have undergone many special pieces of training, and is at a high level. Therefore, if you want to overcome these difficult challenges, the player also needs to possess powerful Pokemon.

Before you go to Hoenn, the champion has been determined, whether or not you can take the title depends entirely on your ability. However, in order to meet the Champion, you need to overcome Littleroom and proceed to the Elite Four area. In the town of Littleroom, there are 8 Gyms relatively to 8 Gym Leaders: Norman, Wattson, Roxanne, Brawly, Tate, Flannery, Winona, and Wallace. Chronologically, if you defeat a Gym Leaders, the next one will be unlocked, and only after completing all of 8, you will receive a key leads to the Elite Four. At here, Pokemon has quite high power and their levels are from 50 to 75. If you defeat them, you can even recruit and turn them into a warrior of your Pokemon. However, how to defeat them?

Pokemon Ruby is joined by many legendary Pokemon like Groudon, Latios, and Rayquaza. They have the abilities to attack, defense and their vitality points are almost perfect, outperforming conventional Pokemon. However, they only appear when you reach level 40 after you overcome the challenges in the town of Littleroom and proceed to the Sky Pillar area as well as fight Team Magma. This is a mysterious organization trying to use the power of legendary Pokemon to cause climate change. Win them to take Groudon. In addition, the system also adds upgraded features. You can evolve your Pokemon to enhance combat capabilities, and upgrade skills to cause higher levels of damage. This is necessary to overcome the difficulties in the journey as well as become a champion o Hoenn region.

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