Pokémon Scarlet Blaze

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region WW
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Pokemon Scarlet Blaze (Pokemon Fire Red Hack) is a mod version of the original game Pokemon Fire Red and created by a ROM hacker nicknamed ASDBUDDY. Set many years after the events in the original version, you will play Crimson or Scarlet who is also the child of RED, the protagonist of the original version. Your goal is to return to Kanto and get to know your parents, but inadvertently it turns into a mission to prove that you are not inferior to them, even more powerful.


– HG / SS graphics / tilesets and trainer sprites
– Ds styled Pokemon sprites
– Changed maps (routes new, Cities minor changes)
– Plot changed
– 80% new scripts
– Upgraded (stronger and versatile) Trainers
– Start with running shoes (can be used indoors) and national dex
– New battle backgrounds
– New Hp boxes
– New bag sprites
– New pokemon Menu
– No OW poison effect
– BW repel system
– New Evil team with pokemon exclusive to them
– New Title screen
– Fixed names for player male/female and rival
– Good Rod available after beating Brock
– Small features like poke petting farm (included in 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5), Police academy side quest (1.5), Nido hunt (BetaV1.0)
– NEW GEN 4 and 5 pokes (select few, did your favorite one make the cut? play to find out)
– Route 8 now open (with tons of interesting wild mons)!
– BUGSY’s trial moved to route 2, accessible via Diggle tunnel.
– HALLOWEEN Special!
– MORTY’s trial in lavender town!

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