Pokemon Shining Opal

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region English
Views 125
Downloads 34
Released Unknown
File size 5.09 M
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A ROM hacker who goes by the alias Diegoisawemme created the Pokemon Shining Opal game, which is a remake of the original Pokemon FireRed video game. Join the game, and you’ll take on the role of a young boy who has always wanted to fulfill his destiny as a Pokemon trainer—a dream that was finally realized on his tenth birthday. However, you arrived quite late on the day that you started your Pokemon off at Professor Oak’s laboratory. Torchic is the only Pokemon that is available to you when you first arrive, but after you have taken it and are getting ready to leave, there is a mysterious Pokemon that has replaced Torchic as your starting Pokemon; this appears to be a part of the experiment. The expertise of the professor. Now is the time for you to examine the capabilities of your Pokemon for yourself, all while keeping it safe from those who are simply curious.


– Great Storyline
– New Region Rinto
– Nice Fakemon
– New Rivals and Characters
– New Gym Challenge.

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