Sonic Advance 3

Console GBA
Publisher THQ Inc.
Genre Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 3,610
Downloads 3,853
Released 2004
File size 4.21MB
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After his failed attempt to destroy the world, Doctor Eggman was robbed of everything by Sonic and his companions, including his destroyer Emerl. Fortunately, he managed to escape, and his hatred seemed to be heavier than before. With his return this time, he brought with him another robot called Gemerl, an upgraded version of Emerl, improved on technology and power. Sonic and his friends are his first targets because deep down, he understands that. If they exist, then the plan cannot succeed. Amy, Knuckles, and Cream have been kidnapped, and this means that Doctor Eggman has sent Sonic an official challenge. But, with the current power of Sonic and Tail, it is difficult to defeat Eggman and Gemerl. It seems that they need to borrow the power of the Emeralds that are hidden in the 7 dungeons they are about to face next.

Sonic Advance 3 has the participation of 5 characters, but initially, only Sonic and Tail are available to play. Sonic can perform non-generic slashes, run very fast and can speed up his teammates. Meanwhile, Tail has a magical tail, allowing him and his teammates to fly into the air in a short amount of time. Later, when passing some maps like Sunset Hill and Ocean Base to rescue their friends, Amy, Knuckles, and Cream will accompany the player for the rest of the journey. Of course, they also have special skills that players should know, such as… Amy possesses a Piko hammer, which can both destroy enemies and lift the body into the air (when combined with Sonic ). Knuckles with overwhelming power, can defeat all enemies and destroy obstacles that other characters can not. Finally, Cream, a small girl who can use Chao to create a massive attack, also possesses the ability to fly in the air like Tail.

Compared to the previous two versions in the Series, Sonic Advance 3’s gameplay seems to have changed when it allows players to choose another character to support combat. There are 7 Dungeons to explore, corresponding to 7 bosses and 7 emeralds to collect. Every ending of a Dungeon, players will fight bosses to get emeralds and move on to the next stage. Finally, once the scenario has been completed, Doctor Eggman and Gemerl will appear. Characters can evolve into Super versions thanks to the power of these emeralds to improve combat abilities.
However, the stages in a Dungeon are also quite difficult, as players are forced to collect rings that appear along the way and fight against harmful obstacles. If the player is over of life points, he or she will have to restart the level and collect rings. Maybe this will be a bit boring because you have to replay a continuous segment. Therefore, try to collect support items such as Chaos Emerald, Chaos creatures to fight stronger, and heart symbols for more lives. In addition, Sonic Advance 3 also supports multiplayer mode. The other supporting character, instead of being automatically controlled by AI, the second player will take that role.

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