Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance

Console GBA
Publisher SEGA
Genre Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,453
Downloads 2,146
Released 2002
3.7/5 (2 votes)
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For such a long time, Dr. Eggman has harbored a hope that he will rule the world someday with his own dark technologies. In the last time, Sonic and his friends thought that he was completely defeated in the previous battle, which took place 2 years ago. But that just isn’t it, Dr. Eggman’s return this time with a weapon capable of turning any creature into a robot, and enslave him forever. However, the natural energy source is too limited, and only emeralds are able to sustain the whole energy of this weapon. Sonic soon realized the problem so that he and his friends set out to search for the emeralds and destroy the one who is planning to destroy the Earth.

The world in Sonic Advance is divided into 7 regions, in which each region is divided into several stages, including a final boss that players need to defeat in order to move to the next area. In which, the 7th region is the only place that has the appearance of the bosses, and also is the last one, with the most difficulty before completing the story. In the usual stages, the player must collect the rings that appear along the way to fulfill the game’s requirements. And when the final boss is defeated at the final stage, the system will convert these rings into an emerald.

Possible difficulties are monsters, pitfalls such as a bottomless pit, sharp nailed planks, or bombs. With the available skills of the characters, the player needs to cleverly dodge obstacles as well as defeat all of the enemies. Sometimes when making mistakes, the character will be revived if there are still life points. Characters other than Sonic can play are Knuckles, Tail, and Army. Each of them has special abilities. Sonic has quick feet and can create a shield to protect himself for a short time. Knuckles has a light body, so he can easily fly up into the air, and stand out for the ability to climb over walls. Tail can use his tail to fly or swim, while the Army has a huge hammer, which can help her to jump high or kill enemies easily. However, only Sonic is available from the beginning. The remaining characters will be unlocked during the experience. In addition, this game also supports wired connection so that friends can entertain themselves in two modes: Race and Chao Hunt. It also includes a timekeeping and record system to improve your competitiveness.

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