Super Mario Advance 2 – Super Mario World

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Adventure
Region EU , US
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Downloads 4,072
Released 2002
File size 1.52MB
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After rescuing the mushroom kingdom in the Super Mario Advance version, Mario and his younger brother Luigi felt a bit tired and decided to take a vacation on the dinosaur island. However, having just arrived at the resort to book a room, they received one very bad news from Princess Peach. After the abduction, Bowser angered and abducted the princess again. With his return this time, he brought an army of savage monsters to the mushroom kingdom along with the evil minion: Koopalings. Peach has been kidnapped, this makes the mushroom kingdom becomes chaotic due to lack of the leader and being destroyed by monsters. Facing the situation that their best friend is in danger, Mario and Luigi return and embark on a journey of rescue. They promised themselves that the bad Bowser would pay for the crimes he had committed.

Before starting the game, the players can choose Mario or Luigi for adventure. In particular, Mario is capable of moving faster than Luigi but Luigi can fly in the air longer than Mario. In the previous version, the choice of characters is impossible. It defaults to Mario and Luigi’s appearance is only when there is a second player. There are 74 levels, and each level has many stages, which will be unlocked in chronological order. On the world map, players can track their progress. It has a few points to note. If the level is marked with a yellow dot, then it is quite easy to pass. But if it is marked with a red dot, it means that the level is harder than usual, requires players to control carefully to get through.

Initially, you are provided with a life-point. If you accidentally collide any monster, this point will be reduced. In the case of zero life-point, you must replay the level from the starting point, and if the life point is non-zero, it will be revived at the nearest Checkpoint. Therefore, if you do not want to experience the difficulties again, collect heart symbols to increase 1 more life-point.

Super Mario Advance 2 – Super Mario World will have a supporter, the dinosaur Yoshi. When riding it, Mario or Luigi can drive away all enemies, eat the Para-Koopa, Naval Piranha’s Castle and use the Spin Jump skill to attack other dangerous creatures. At the same time, the ability to fly in the air is also improved, helping Mario fly higher, farther and avoid all dangers.
During the game, support items also appear quite a lot and it will be extremely helpful when the players do not have the help of Yoshi. Some mushrooms have the ability to increase or decrease in size. Help him get underwater pipes to play at the next stage. Some other items can help Mario fly in the air, overcome difficulties over a long distance. This is quite useful sometimes when there are carnivorous flowers and lakes containing dangerous Piranha fish on the map. In addition, you can also collect fire bullets and use them to destroy enemies in the way. With 74 levels and difficulty continuously increasing, it would be tough if players lack these support items. The evil Bowser and Koopalings are ahead, finish them and complete this journey, rescue Princess Peach and drive those monsters away from the mushroom kingdom.

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