Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 6,670
Downloads 7,901
Released JP: July 11, 2003
EU: October 17, 2003
NA: October 21, 2003
AU: February 23, 2004
File size 2.32MB
4.4/5 (13 votes)
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Bowser is a villain when he often steals kingdoms for business. In his next order, he went down to Princess Peach’s Kingdom, stole the magic wand, and opened the gate to Mushroom World. At the same time, seven versions of Koopa Kids were sent down in order to destroy peaceful lands and turn people into strange creatures. Luigi and Mario received a plea for help. They need to defeat the wicked and revoke the wand to set everything back to its original point. But things are not so easy like that when the whole Mushroom World is full of dangers, even Peach has never been there before.

Mario and Luigi are two playable characters from the beginning. Players control them to adventure through each kingdom and defeat Koopa Kids in each final stage to continue the journey. Meanwhile, Bowser is the last boss to overcome to complete the plot. Some skills that can be used are: running, jumping, and swimming. They are used to overcome obstacles as well as to defeat enemies by jumping on their heads. There are many playable maps, but they require players to accomplish some goals set by the system first. They are quite simple as just include collecting boxes, mushrooms, stars, or a few flowers.

The later the game is, the higher the difficulty level will be pushed, while the character’s number of life maintains the same. It is four hearts that a player is provided in default, and will be deducted whenever the character collides with a monster, falls into a trap, or falls into a bottomless pit. But players can collect “1-up” items to have more chances to revive. However, it is not really a good solution when the monsters are growing stronger and becoming smarter in attacks. Support items from Super Mario Bros 3 have also been included, to improve the character’s fighting ability. It consists of Fire Flowers to shoot out a fireball and burning enemies from a distance, Frog Suit brings higher jump ability and swim faster, Super Mushroom increases body size, Mini Mushroom reduces body size to squeeze through small pipes, Starman exempts all damage and puts him in a state invincible, or a cloud to skip the current level.

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