The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords

Console GBA
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
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Released December 2, 2002
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The story of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords begins with the return of the evil warlock Vaati. He kidnapped many young girls of the Hyrule and took them to the palace to make them become his brides. Many heroes in Hyrule had tried to fight him to rescue the girls, but no one seems to be able to survive. One day, a mysterious boy appeared and ended the madness that Vaati brought. He was sealed in a dungeon by a magic sword called Four Sword and could never escape. However, someone opened the seal, which led to the kidnapping of Princess Zelda. Before the bad hunch, Link – her close friend has researched the event and went to the dungeon where the “Four Sword” is located. As soon as he pulled the sword from its pedestal, he was divided into four identical copies, along with the four swords separated from the “Four Sword”. Fairies appeared and said that he could only find and destroy Vaati when he has 4 silver keys. They would hand it over to him, as long as he goes back to the past and collects Rupees. With no other options, Link agreed and made the journey back to the past with 4 completely different times.

Like its title The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords is divided into two parts including A Link to the Past and Four Sword. In particular, the Four Sword is a feature for multi-players which I will introduce in the next section. This section will guide you to play according to the lines that were built earlier. This game consists of 5 stages, in which the first 4 stages are the task of collecting Rupees from 4 versions of Link and the final stage is Four Sword is restored to fight the sorcerer Vaati. Initially, Link is provided with a sword and a shield to do the mission. Players will control him to explore areas of Hyrule and even dungeons in search of Rupee. Normally, players will have to complete 4 levels in a stage and collect enough of the required Rupees before they can pass the stage. However, this is not easy when everywhere has monsters appear, they can attack and cause Link’s death. He only has a limited number of life points, so players need to avoid the dangers to complete the task well. In case of losing a life, it will cost 50 Rupee to revive. And in the event when out of Rupee, the player must start the stage again to earn Rupee from the zero.

In addition, these life points can also appear during gameplay, and also is some other useful items and weapons such as bows, bombs, boomerangs, and lamps. Perhaps, some people would wonder about the use of a lamp item, but without it, they couldn’t fight monsters in the dungeon, because it would be too dark to see.

The second part of the game is Four Sword, this is a multiplayer mode and you can connect with up to 3 of your friends. Its gameplay is quite simple, the players will be taken to a random dungeon and compete to collect Rupee. Through each stage, the person who has the most Rupees will win the Heart Container award. There are 3 stages in a competition, the first two stages take place at random dungeons selected by the system, while the third stage is about boss fights, with the level of competition and danger increased as many times. However, Four Sword has some differences. Players cannot collect many items at once, but can only pick up only one type of weapon: sword, or bow and arrow during the battle. Of course, it could be changed, but he had to leave the weapon in use. Also, Link can be decreased in size by using a blue hat called Ezlo to access smaller areas.

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